January 31, 2011


Rico and I were playing cards the other night. He told me I'm a slob. That comment really hurt. I don't know why he said it :(

I know I don't take care of myself as well as I did when we met. However, most of the things I did in order to look attractive he would complain about. He said I took too long to get ready and that I was fine just the way I was. So, I stopped being so high mentenance. If he's talking about the way I eat, well ya. That's all my fault. I should never binge but it happens. And, unfortunately, he has seen me binge many times.

I need to change. He won't tell me why he thinks I'm a slob so I guess I'm just going to have to change everything.

1. A slovenly, unattractive, and lazy person
2. A coarse obnoxious person
3. A vulgar person         
pig, litterbug, slovenly woman, slut, trollop...

It hurts that he thinks so low of me. He's been quite mean these past few nights. He's become very cocky. Talking rude toward me and his parents. Bragging about how much money he makes and trying to make me feel like a bad girlfriend. Which I am but it still hurts to hear.

Rico, don't forget who's supported you for the past two years. Remember everything I've done. Never forget the person who has been right by your side, through thick and thin. :(


Kari said...

I'm so sorry he said that. :( I guarantee you're not a bad girlfriend, you clearly care about him and want to make him happy. Therefore, you can't possibly be a bad girlfriend, you'd have to be far more selfish.

And I bet you're not a slob either.