April 1, 2011

Happy Fools Day

I have decided that because today is the beginning of a new month, spring has finally sprung, and Rico's birthday is in a few weeks I am going to begin my own personal 'summer boot camp'.

I need to get my body bikini ready. I do not want to spend another summer trying to hide my body. Well, I just want to be comfortable enough to wear some damn shorts and a tank top because I am starting to doubt that I will ever be comfortable with my body.

I have decided to exercise for three hours every day. There will be a lot of cardio, some strength training and a lot of restricting.

My calorie limit for today is 500. I think what I am going to try doing is lower my calorie intake by 100 everyday until I hit 0 then I will increase my calorie intake by 100 everyday until I reach 500. If I can, I will continue doing this.   

My boot camp is going to be from April 1 to June 21 (maybe longer.) I have been so busy today so I will be on later to update with my stats, exercise, diet, etc. Along with more info.... I really haven't thought this whole thing through yet. lol.