January 19, 2011

CW: 112 lbs

Yet again.. I ate.

I think now just isn't the right time to try doing a super long fast. Every time I try, something happens. Yesterday, when I got home, Rico's dad had supper all ready. Rico's brother and sister in-law were there - oh joy, a family feast. I was able to get away with only eating roughly half a fried potato covered in seasoning salt and 3 bites of a beef cutlet. My excuse for not finishing is that the meat was too greasy. Which it was. It was so gross. It didn't even taste good. The potatoes were nice .... I wonder how many calories I had.

Today, Rico has a job interview! I really hope he gets the job!! If he starts working it will be way easier for me to attempt a long fast. But for now I'll just do my regular diet, I suppose. If he gets this job I will no longer have to be afraid of losing my job. I can freely search until I find the perfect place to work. And, not to mention, we'll finally be able to move the hell out of his parents!

After Rico and his father got into that fight, things around the house were tense. It wasn't until yesterday when Rico's dad stopped ignoring us. His mom stopped making rude comments and everything. So that's good. My sister keeps complaining about the foster home she's in and how she misses her family. I really don't know what to say to her anymore. I've tried everything. I just wish she didn't live eleven hours away so I could go visit.
  • 473 ml Red Bull (212 cal)
  • 39 Jalapeno & Cheddar chips - BadBadBad (250 cal)
  • 473 ml Red Bull - Yes.. another one (212 cal)
  • 1 hour biking (- 373 cal)
Food calories consumed: 675
Exercise calories burned: 685