January 9, 2011

CW: 115 lbs

I ate. Fuck.

Today I woke up in a better mood but that ended when Rico and I went to the store. I always fuck up. I left the bank card at home, go me. That made him mad. Saying I'm stupid. He's right, I can be stupid sometimes. We had to drive the half hour home just to get money. The roads were very icy too so that made it worse. What a waste of gas.

But I will pick myself up and move forward. That's better than feeling pity for myself. Starting right now (4:05 PM) I'm fasting. I need to come up with a daily workout routine. Something that I cant just push aside. Something that will flatten my stomach, tighten the rest of my body and make the fat melt away. hmm..

It's 7:04 PM now and I just finished doing a 1.5 hour workout. All I did was ride a bike for an hour and lift weights for half an hour but I feel great!! I burnt off most of the calories, if not all, from that food I ate earlier.

Rico's mom gets on my nerves. She's always so bitchy. I've gotten to the point where I don't even listen to what she has to say... lol.