January 20, 2011

I'm a huge Megan Fox fan.

Everything about her screams perfection.
Hair. Eyes. Eyebrows. Lips. Teeth. Body - fuck yes, her body is amazing. Have you seen those legs? And her flat tummy to.die.for. If it were possible to swap bodies with someone I would swap with her. In a heartbeat.

When I got to work this morning, my coworker and I got into a heated discussion about the fabulous Megan Fox. I went on saying that she is so beautiful and I loved her in Jennifer's Body. I'm sad that she wont be in the new transformers movie! Man, have you seen the previews for that? I am so disappointed. They're doing a prequel.

Anyway, apparently my coworker thinks she is the worst celebrity on the face of this planet. He was saying so much rude shit. And that's okay, he's entitled to his own opinions. However, the following statement just pissed me off...
"She's a dumb, stunned, cunt. I was watching this show. They had an interview with her and asked her how she slimmed up for her role and you know what she said?! That she doesn't know what it's called but she just stopped eating. Ugh... are you retarded?! That's fucked. Um hello Megan! It's called anorexia! I don't know why anyone would do that. She must have something wrong with her head. She's so fucking dumb." 
Normally I wouldn't care what he said but that just pissed me off. I defended her - thats a first. Defending a celebrity? Maybe I really am insane, lmao. I said that she was probably fasting. Fasting is okay, people do it all the time. And not to mention the fact that celebrities have so much pressure to be a certain way. Their either too fat or too thin. There is never an in-between.

I don't think Megan Fox is anorexic or has any form of eating disorder but seeing as I do, I took extreme offence to his statement. If he's calling her dumb then he's calling me, and all of you, dumb as well. I know I am not dumb. I know what I am doing to my body. I dedicate every waking moment to my disease so yes, I am wiser on this topic. Thank you very much, asshole :)