January 23, 2011


A McChicken burger. Half of a large McDonalds french fries. Half a bag of cheesies. Twelve chocolate chip cookies. Two pieces of pie. Two pizza pops. Three handfuls of dill pickle chips. A piece of this random chocolate desert Rico's mom made. No exercise.

That binge occured lastnight. A fun-filled pig fest that has left me feeling like shit. I'm still so bloated. All I wanted to do was run to the bathroom and get rid of it all. I sat in agony trying to come up with a plan to dispose of it but I had no success.

The bathroom is located right beside Rico's parents room. They had just gone to bed and would've been able to hear me. I wish we lived in our own place. Surely then I would've been able to.

It's 11:41 AM and I've spent the entire morning feeling guilty. I must burn off all that asap. I'm too scared to weigh myself. I have no idea how many calories I had. Oh dear. Look what I've done! I bet I gained five pounds. I can feel it.  :(