January 20, 2011

He got the job!!

Rico got a welding apprenticeship! He's been looking for a company to apprentice him for seven years now! I am so, soo happy!! :)

He will be working a lot so that means I will be able to fast for longer periods with higher chances of succeeding. We will triple our income and will finally be able to move! This is just so great. I really hope it's not too good to be true. He starts work on Monday so I'm going to start a water fast then. I am going to aim for 30 days :) YayYayYay

So my work had these nursing students who went around and took everyones blood pressure. Mine is 106/60.. good to know? I joked around and asked my supervisor if her blood pressure was through the roof, you know, because of stress. When I told her mine she said I need to eat more and laughed. Yea, you have to love comments like that. Anyway, when the nursing student went to take off the pressure thing they wrap around your arm, my arm fucking jiggled!!! It jiggled like jell-o. It was fucking sick and embarrassing. I am not hungry at all after having that happen. I am a gross pig.

I decided to go to this website to do this test the nursing students said I should do. Here are what the results say:
"Your waist measurements suggest you don't carry excess weight around your waist."
"Based on your responses, your BMI is 18.1. You fall into the BMI range of underweight. You may want to consult a healthcare provider."
I'm in the "underweight" range? Sure doesn't feel like it.

... I really don't have much else to say so here's some thinspo!