January 22, 2011

Busy day filled with joy!

I took Rico out and bought him a bunch of welding equipment for his apprenticeship. He starts work tomorrow and we are all very excited! I am just hoping that it all works out. He has the worst luck. Hopefully that will change though!! He's been so depressed. We both lost all hopes of him finding a place to apprentice him. This is just too good for words.

I've already started to see a huge difference in him. It's like now that he has a job, he has a point to live. He told me all this wonderful stuff that he wants out of this. How he's going to pay off his debt and we will find a house in town. We want a big backyard for our dog and we'll need a car too. He told me that in four years we can start a family of our own. I think he really loves me. I've always felt bad for him because his ex took everything. What a bitch.

I'm hurt that he doesn't trust me though. I don't deserve his trust. We had a date night. We played poker and cards then watched a movie. It was so nice. He made me feel so loved. When we were playing cards he said I was a cheater, lol, because I kept winning. Somehow that comment led onto a topic about the past. How when we started dating I went and seen my ex. How I've cheated on other people in the past.

I was a horrible person back then but I've really changed. If I could go back in time I would. I would've never went to my ex's house. I would've never broke Rico's trust.