January 26, 2011

I give up.

It's like people just KNOW when I'm fasting. Seriously?

I had a great day. Well, somewhat boring and my back hurt really bad all day. I was able to eat nothing, consumed water only. Then my shift came to an end.

Rico's parents decided we should go out for supper, to a damn restaurant. Honest to God, this is the only time in the four years I have known them where they wanted to go out for supper as a "family".  Are you fucking kidding me?! I tried desperately to get out of it. I pulled out every excuse in the book.

I have to be in bed by 8:00...
I hate restaurants...
No they serve gross food there...
Well, shouldn't Rico be with us ...?
I'm not hungry, I had pizza for lunch...

The list goes on and on. Rico's dad told me to stop being so shy... if he only knew. Needless to say, they took me to George's. I had a few bites of a salad and just like that, the fast ended. Why they chose today, of all days, I have no clue. I am mad. So very angry!

Funny story though! While we were at the restaurant there were two obese women sitting behind me. When they got up to leave Rico's dad blurted out, "Holy fuck! I hope they're not taking the same vehicle!" As they walked by he bounced in his seat. hahahaha .... that made my night :'D

Rico's mom was talking about how this one guy at her work is horrible at spelling.
 "He writes everything as it sounds. Like wheel, he spells it W-E-E-L. There are some alphabets missing in there!" 
Me, "Alphabets?" 
Rico's mom, "Yea! He missed the H!" She laughed so hard her eyes were watering. 
Me, "Um, I think you meant letters. He missed some letters, not alphabets, you 'tard." 
Aww I love her and silly old people who think something is hilarious when it isn't lol. So I guess today was a good and bad day. Glad I got to spend some time with his parents but super pissed that they chose to go out for supper. I don't understand why people insist on ruining my fast. I give the fuck up! I'll try doing a 30 day water fast again some time but obviously now just isn't the time. This is the third time I've failed in a row. How sad!  >:(