January 16, 2011

CW: 113 lbs

I had the weirdest dream lastnight.

I was standing in front of this young woman, maybe in her 20's. She had dark brown, shoulder length hair. She was very thin. Her hip bones and tail bone were sticking out. She had this look of desperation. Then a shadow came over her face and the desperation turned into anger.

She crossed her arms around and grabbed her shoulder blades. Her nails dug in deep enough to tear the skin then she pulled at them making the flesh around rip. She dug her nails in deeper and ran them down her arms. She began to study her right arm then looked up at me. Her eyes here empty but the expression on her face left me frightened. It looked as though she was possessed by something very, very evil.

Without warning, she brought her arm up to her mouth and started gnawing at it. Her eyes fixed on me. Her bites got bigger and deeper. Blood ran down her chin, neck and chest. Chunks of flesh dropped in the pool of blood that surrounded her. She savagely tore at her forearm until the bone became completely visible. Taking her eyes off of me for the first time in, what felt like, forever, she pulled out a knife and began to carve the bone.

It read, "Ana <3"

This dream scared the pooo right out of me. I woke up sweating and just laid there, stiff as a board. This woman looked like a demon. Her hair was straw-like and drenched in sweat. Her skin was pale and grey looking. But the look in her eyes as she tore her arm apart was just insane.