March 13, 2011

Nothing Interesting

Well, I broke my fast today and I'm not sure how many calories I had. I had to eat supper. I didn't eat much of it though so hopefully I wont gain any weight!! I'm starting over again at midnight but I'm not too sure if I should do a fast, diet or detox. I want to get down to 100 lbs by April 23.

I bleached my hair today. I'm not too sure if I like the end result. It looks more yellow than anything. I know this is one of the steps it takes when going brown to blonde but it looks a little weird to me. It reminds me of lady gaga's hair lol. I'm just happy it's not orange.

Remember that guy I was telling you about? Okay well we were talking about weight again today. He called me a chubby chaser (so far from true it's not even funny). We got into an argument and I said, without even thinking, "So I'm 5'6 and 110 lbs." Then said that size doesn't matter which is true when it comes to what we were talking about (friendship). I have many friends who are over weight and I still love them. Anyway... I wonder if he remembers that the last time we spoke about weight I said I was 114 lbs.... ya, sadly I still want him to know.

I don't have much more to talk about right now. I'll probably be on later though. Rico isn't working and I'm going to spend the night with him - a night of me playing on the computer and him playing xbox ahaha but ehh it's the thought that counts.

   I wish my hair looked like this rather than yellow...