March 15, 2011

2011 Checklist.

...I will be editing this a lot because life is crazy and things change all the time. 

Jan. 31 - 114 lbs
Feb. 28 - 113 lbs
Mar. 31 ... 105?

95 lbs by July 20th.
...maintain or lose more.

Keep my job for another yearGet a good job; better wage, 8 hour shifts, Mon-Fri. Be professional at work; keep a journal, dress and smell nice, always on time, never miss work (unless death, illness, poor weather), be friendly to everyone and seem happy. Socialize more; make friends. Manage money better; save $6 000. Get drivers license. Have 1 "date night" per month with Rico. Own more vintage items. Create and follow a workout routine. Create and follow a cleaning schedule. Be a better girlfriend. Fix my credit and pay off Rico's debt. Be a better sister. Get a new style; hair, clothing, etc. Find my man a job; apprenticeship? Move!

90 - 95 lbs. Blonde hair. Clear, soft skin. Be well-groomed, everyday. Find happiness. Stop complaining. Sound smarter.

Tan. Laptop. New cell phone. Car. Find new music; put on iPod. Learn how to cook. Learn how to sew; make my own clothing. Draw more often; learn how to draw realistic people. Learn how to bake. Post on my blog everyday; starting March 29 (updates don't count).