March 15, 2011

Warning! Warning! Warning!

I told you that I would share all the warnings I have received from work. First, here is a little recap on what happened prior to my warnings.

My father filed a lawsuit because there were high levels of H2S in his body due to the company not turning on the ventilation fans. The company ended up getting fined and were forced to turn the fan on. On June 1, 2010 he got fired "just cause" and again, filed another lawsuit for several things. My father is still in the process of suing the company. His lawyer says he has a really good chance of winning because the company broke so many laws. 

The first verbal warning I got is dated for June 14, 2010 - I received it on November 12, 2010. It states...
"On June 14th Koala called her supervisor to inform her that her boyfriend had a death in the family, an aunt had passed away. At that time her supervisor told her she would look into if she could have the time off as she was not sure the process for a non family member and that her supervisor would get back to her. Koala went ahead and called the department manager.
Koala violated the chain of command by over stepping her supervisor and going directly to the department manager."
First, I don't EVER remember calling my manager. I was working nights at the time and had sent an email to my co-worker asking if he would be able to cover for me because this is what I was trained to do. Second, I don't think she was titled my supervisor at this point in time because, after my previous supervisor quit, no one was made aware of who our supervisor was.

The second verbal warning I got is dated for September 22, 2010 - I received it on November 12, 2010. It states...
"In the shift report for Sep 22, 2010 Koala had indicated that the fleet sheets are being filled out but her co-workers were not entering it into the system. Koala goes on to tell her co-workers if this is something that needs to be done. 
Koala violated chain of command. Stuff like this could be put into the shift report but in a different manner then brought the issue forth to her supervisor.
Koala is to bring all issues to her direct supervisor who will deal with the issue. If the direct supervisor can not get the situation resolved then the supervisor will bring the issue to the department manager, at which the manager will handle the concerns."
When I got hired I was trained to share information that went on during my shift with everyone so we could work together at bettering our devision. Everyone used to send out emails like this to remind each other what to do. I saw no harm in it, I was polite. After I received this warning, I brought the issue we were having with the fleet up with my supervisor several times. It has yet to be resolved.

The first written warning I got is dated for October 14, 2010 - I received it on November 17, 2010. It states...
"On Oct 8, 2010 Koala sent an email to all co-workers and Cc'd two managers on an issue. The email was directed to (one of the managers). She said that she was unable to contact him on his cell. Koala called me on my cell phone that day and I let her know that he was on days off and that dispatch would be the contact but to confirm that with them.
Koala violated the chain of command again by going above both her supervisor and her department manager after being told verbally during a staff meeting that any issues are to be brought to her supervisors attention as well by another disciplinary verbal document given to her. Koala is not to contact another manager.
Koala is to bring all issues she is having to her direct supervisor who will deal with the issue at hand. If the direct supervisor can not get the situation resolved then the supervisor will bring the issue to the department manager and have him handle the concerns.
Further disciplinary process or termination will occur if above is breached again." 
Again, I was trained to share information that went on during my shift with everyone so we could work together. What had happened this day;  I had a customer wishing to speak with said manager. The system said he was on call. I called the number listed and there was no answer. I tried his cell phone but some guy answered saying that I had the wrong number. The customer I had on hold hung up because I was taking too long to transfer him. I had no idea how to get a hold of this manager and was never informed of his holidays. I felt like I needed to make everyone aware of the situation because it was not my fault. One big issue I have with this warning is that it states " well by another disciplinary verbal document given to her." Obviously I was never given, nor made aware of, this document at the time because I received it on the same day I received this warning.

The second written warning I got is dated for January 5, 2011 - I received it on January 13, 2011. It states...
"On Jan 3, 2011 Koala was asked to book an accommodation in (town) at the (hotel name) for 2 Medics by (person who asked me to book it). Koala booked the accommodation but not at the (hotel name) but rather in (different town) at the (different hotel name). 
Koala violated an order given to her by a department supervisor. It has been told to Koala in the past that if asked to book a hotel at a specific hotel by a supervisor she is to do so, not go by the accommodations spreadsheet that is used. The (hotel name) was to be used as (client's company name) was conducting there orientation there.
Night shift was able to cancel the room with out any cost to the company and a booking was able to be done at (hotel name). If there would have not been any rooms available at the hotel requested this could have cost a lot of unnecessary distress on all parties involved.
Koala needs to concentrate more and be aware to details in her job. She is being placed on a 3 months probation for not following directions and if any further accommodations are not done as asked termination will result."
 Okay first of all, how do they know that said supervisor hadn't asked me to book an accommodation in a different hotel? He was a new employee at the time. Maybe he was the one that fucked up, not me. I have proof that I did in fact book this accommodation in the town requested, it was just in a different hotel. Also, Night shift did cancel this room, however there was no further documentation that a new accommodation was booked. 

The third written warning I got is dated for January 5, 2011 - I received it on January 13, 2011. It states...
"On Jan 3, 2011 it was observed that (employee name) was not in the system for her trip from (town to town). She had left the shop at 07:00 hrs at which time she states that she checked in. She checked in every two hours from that point on. When she arrived to her destination she was in convoy with (2nd employee name) till they reached (town name). (2nd employee name) was put in but again (employee name) was not.
As per procedure, it is mandatory that all personal who are traveling are to be put into the system and monitored throughout their trip. If a person forgets to add them in, on the next check in they are to add them with a note as to when they started. 
This is not the first time this has happened on Koala's shift. There are other incidents documented to show her errors. Being the time of year with bad road conditions it is crucial that no one is left out of journey management. It is the responsibility of the operator to make sure that all information has been inputted.
With having mistakes again in this area after having been given verbals in the past, I feel that it is necessary for Koala to be put on a 3 month probational period and any further mistakes will result in termination."
I have all the records about this trip. I don't understand how I could have possibly missed entering her into the system if she was checking in every two hours. Her trip was 9.5 hours long. There is no way I would have missed that. Also, when night shift entered her into the system, it was 17 minutes before she arrived at her destination. Not to mention the fact that night shift had booked an accommodation for her right after she had called. How do they know that this lady didn't call? How do they know it was my fault? I also find it awfully weird that the second employee traveling in convoy checked in during night shift at 18:57, 20:58, 22:09, 22:46, and 23:16. If they were traveling together, they should have been checking in at the same times. My shift ends at 18:30 which means night shift must have forgot to add her in the system as well, right? (or she never fucking called in the first place!)

The fourth written warning I got is dated for January 10, 2011 - I received it on January 13, 2011. It states... 
 "On Jan 10, 2011 it was observed that information put into the journey management system was not correct. Employee had put in the wrong driver for working alone.
As per department procedure it is the responsibility of the employee working to have all information in the system correct.
(company) is wanting to take on outside companies for monitoring of journey management. With mistakes happening this will not occur. (company) strives to excellence in all aspects of business.
Employee has been given three written's and any further neglect to employee's job termination will result."
I am human aren't I? Everyone makes mistakes. Almost every day I would come into work there would be a mistake I needed to fix from the person on night shift. Also, what procedure are they talking about? There are few procedures written for my department. If there are others I do not know where they are located. Also, I was never given an employee handbook. 

The fifth written warning I got is dated for March 1, 2011 - I received it on March 1, 2011. It states...
"After pulling the phone logs to check busy times it has been observed that non work phone calls have been occurring. The duration of the calls has been between 7 to 30 min. This has been observed from Nov 2010 to Feb 2011. All call sheets are attached. 
(a copy of one of the companies procedures)
When you arrive at work, it is expected that you will be conducting only work related business and that all calls will be on a timely manner no matter who your dealing with. There will be no more personal calls during working hours of 06:30 to 18:30. The use of cell phones are not to be used except in the case of an emergency (death or injury)
Failure to perform your job and follow procedures will result in instant termination."
This one is actually legit. Yes.. I made personal calls at work. However, my supervisor had no problems with this before. She actually used to answer calls for me while I took a personal call. I used to always tell her not too because I could place whoever I was speaking with on hold and do my job because my job comes first. Because I kept placing my personal calls on hold, they were a bit longer than usual. Another thing, why is this only directed towards me? Everyone uses their cell phones. My supervisor receives countless phone calls from her sister and mom.  Why does night shift get treated differently? "...during working hours of 06:30 to 18:30." I still don't think I should have received a written about this when I was misinformed. One minute my supervisor is telling me to do something or saying that something is okay and then the next thing I know I get written up for it.